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We can do everything for you or train you how to do-it-yourself wholesale direct.  Broadband Internet Connectivity, Web Hosting, Domain Name, Search Engine Optimization, Web Site Repair, Web Site Upgrades, Website Design, Custom Graphics, Spam Resistant Email, Design to Standards for Web Accessibility, Network Security Consultation, Secure out of the Box - Custom Built PC's and Servers, SCADA, Failsafe Redundant Systems, Support & Training, Expert Automation Systems Administration since 1979.

Your Blueprint For Small Business Email & Internet


1.Web Host  2.ISP  3.Broadband Modem 4.Firewall  5.Wiring  6.Computer(s)  7.Software

The Whole Picture:

1. A Domain Name - Hosted on the internet as or

2. A high quality Internet Service Provider (ISP), one of the following;

    A. For most office locations Broadband Cable from local cable TV provider or DSL access from phone company.
    B. For most residential locations Broadband Cable Access from local cable TV provider.
    C. For rural locations Wireless ISP or other "Last Mile" technologies.

3.  Broadband Modem - Fast reliable Internet access.

4. A Hardware Firewall / Router;
    A. First line defense to keep hackers out.
    B. To connect your computers to the broadband connection and each other.

5. Network wiring or WiFi for each computer. 

6. Computer(s) with network card or WiFi.

7. Software for each computer.
   A. Security software for each computer.
   B. Office Productivity Software.
   C. Specialty Software to meet your unique business needs. SCADA, Customer relations management, Databases, Billing / Accounting., etc.